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There are 3 pair of rectifier combination is used for converting 3 phase AC into DC Normally 6,12 or 18 diodes will be used to serve this purpose. Rectifiers can be built using diodes, silicon controlled rectifiers(SCR), or transistors to rectify power. After the power flows through the rectifiers it is stored on a dc bus. The dc bus contains capacitors to accept power from the rectifier and stores it and finally delivers that power through the inverter section.

Variable Frequency Drives Manufacturer is a leader among variable frequency drive suppliers. Our company concentrates on VFD design and VFD manufacture. Variable Frequency Drives Manufacturer is china VFDS Company located in Shenzhen. Our main focus is creating the highest quality products. The main products single phase to three phase VFD, three Phases to three Phase VFD and so on.

At full load, we may have a VFD at 97% and the motor at say 92% (depending on size and design) and the pump (or machine) may have an efficiency of say 80% or even less, so the wasted energy in the variable frequency drive is small, The wasted energy in the motor is also relatively small. The major losses are in the driven load that is why we target the driven load.

Variable frequency drive can be used to control the speed of a machine. There can be significant energy reduction if the machine is slowed down when it does not need to operate at full speed. For example, pumps operated so that they run at a speed dependent on the flow requirements will reduce the cavitation losses in the pump. If the pump is required to run at constant full speed, the addition of a VFD will actually waste another 5% of energy.

All VFD applications require programming. You have to make it do what you want. Parameters like minimum and maximum frequencies, number of motor poles, maximum current, overload response, braking behavior, acceleration profiles, etc. must be set by the user to match your installation's needs. The voltage/frequency curve is user configurable too, which is very useful for your kind of application where you are operating outside the normal frequency range of the motor. Good VFDs come with a display that can be set to show the motor speed (or any number of other parameters). If I were doing this, I would use a 1HP 208V two-pole motor and a 1HP VFD with a 240V input.

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1hp vfd, 2hp/1.5kw vfd, 3hp vfd, 5hp vfd, 10hp vfd, single phase to three phase vfd

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